Hannah Redlich

Carol of the Elves-- Irish Dance Christmas

1 мес назад

Here's my little "Christmas greeting" for you all! Thought you couldn't Irish dance to Christmas carols?? Think again! Hope you enjoy this dance-film to "Carol of the Bells". Merry Christmas!...

Going To Mars- Irish Dance- Judah and the Lion- Hannah Redlich

5 мес назад

Here's an Irish Dance video that's out of this world... It started with a simple idea. I heard J+TL's song "Going to Mars" and loved the challenge it presented with choreography as well as...

Ed Sheeran-Nancy Mulligan- Music Video Irish Dance

8 мес назад

As soon as I was made acquainted with this Ed Sheeran tune, I knew it would inspire some choreography. Then I heard the line, "I met her at Guys in the Second World War" and immediately contacted...

River Dance - Ibeyi/Irish Dance Music Video

9 мес назад

"River", a song with Nigerian influence created by French-Cuban artists "Ibeyi", is not something you'd typically Irish dance to. However, I couldn't help but feel a connection to this beat...

No Diggity/Shape of You- Irish Dance Cover

10 мес назад

This is probably the strangest cover of "No Diggity" and "Shape of You" ever created... but hey, why not?! I was inspired by Ed Sheeran's ability to perform a "one man show". But, no loop...

Supermarket Irish Dance- Judah and the Lion- Reputation

10 мес назад

It's March... the time of year you should feel free to break into an Irish jig anywhere! Don't worry about your reputation, dance like no one's watching! Happy St. Paddy's Day, all o' ye!...

Hamilton Irish Dance- Guns and Ships

2 год назад

If Lin-Manuel Miranda can rap about Alexander Hamilton, I can Irish dance to rap about Alexander Hamilton! Talk about fusion! I'm an aspiring filmmaker, Irish dancer, artist, and leatherworker!...

Civil War Ball 2016

2 год назад

Lee - Jackson Birthday Celebration.

Home Scouting App- Charlotte

3 год назад

Use the VIP code: 7049062343 Kevin Bennett.

The Step Sisters

3 год назад

The Step Sisters Irish Step Dancers.

Morning Music Jam- Carolina Renaissance Festival 2014

3 год назад

Morning Music Jam at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Thistledown Tinkers Promo

3 год назад

Thistledown Tinkers Featuring Trip Rogers and Tom Eure Video by Hannah Mackenzie.

Hidden Harbour ~ Carolina Renaissance Festival 2014

3 год назад

Hidden Harbour "Folk Music Old and New" performed at the Carolina Renaissance Festival 2014. With Darrell Brown, Jef Coburn (Lindsey Lamprey), and Gary Combs.

Irish Dancers- The Redlich Sisters

3 год назад

The Redlich Sisters perform Irish step dancing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Irish Dance- The Redlich Sisters- Renaissance Festival

3 год назад

Ember and Flame (also known as the Redlich Sisters) perform some improv Irish Dance with Lissakeole at the Carolina Renaissance Festival!

Bathos the Muse- Eddie Jeff Cahill

3 год назад

Bathos the Muse performing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival 2014.

Dalton Powell and Madison Bush Wedding

3 год назад

Dalton and Madison Powell wedding/reception video. Videography and editing by Hannah Mackenzie.

New Camera Test-- Ice Skating

3 год назад

Testing out my new Canon 70D. Big thanks to Gabrielle, the amazing ice skater!

Irish Dance at International Festival

5 год назад

My sister and I dancing at an International Festival.