Welcome 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 to our Christmas live stream! This is something a little different to our usual, but who doesn't like a Christmas tune or two as the big day gets closer! This 24/7 live stream will provide the soundtrack to your Christmas 2017, and will be running non-stop until early January. Be sure to check back regularly as there will be daily prizes to be won through the live chat, as a part of College Music's very own advent calendar; money, vouchers and more to be won to help you out with your Christmas shopping! If you haven't already, do like, share the stream and subscribe to our channel to discover music that would otherwise be undiscovered.

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24/7 Christmas Radio 🎄 Christmas Music ❄️ Christmas 2017
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☃️ 24/7 Christmas Music Radio 🎄 Christmas Music ❄️ Christmas 2017 - СКАЧАТЬ ВИДЕО
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